One of the most common comments we get from the participants is: " What a fantastic audience - great support! " There is truly something special with the audience of Öloppet.

There are good opportunities to take part of Öloppet both on land and from boats. The swim run race takes place in the Gothenburg archipelago, with start and finish at Styrsö Bratten. Öloppets first start is at 10:00 AM and the participants get around the course in 4-8 hours. Öloppet Sprint's first start is Around 11.30 AM and the participants get around the track in 2.5-7 hours. Appropriate audience area are mainly on Styrsö, Asperö, Brännö, and Vrångö. These islands are easy to reach by Västtrafiks ferries, see västtrafik. Västtrafiks boats leave from the bus stop Saltholmen and a regular tram ticket is valid as a travel document. There is also a possibility to follow the race from private boats. In that case however, the security organization asks such boats to keep well away from the swimmers and from the security boats.


Dinner for friends to participants

After the race, participants celebrate with a dinner in the race village. Do you know anyone who attended and want to join the celebration, you can buy a ticket to the dinner.

Registration for the dinner