All questions and answers apply for Öloppet and Öloppet Sprint, unless otherwise indicated.

Q. How do I change team member?

A. Send following information to jonathan.isaksson@oloppet.se

  • Team name
  • Name of person who is not participating
  • Name of new team member
  • Date of birth for new team member
  • Email address to new team member
  • Phone number to new team member
  • Phone number to relative of new team member
  • T-shirt size for new team member

Same information is needed when both team members are changed

Q. When do I get the last/ additional race information?
A. This will be send to you 3-4 weeks before race day.

Q. Does food need to be brought during the race?
A. Öloppet offers energy and fluid during the race and simpler food after the race. No one will be hungry during or after the race.

Q. Is it possible to refill own water bottle during the race?
A. Opportunities to refill are available on all energy stations.

Q. What physical level is required to enter the race?
A. No minimum requirements but regular exercise and good water ability is recommended in all distances.

Q. How long will it take to finish the race?
A. It depends on the cardio- and strength level of the participant. An estimate for elite athletes is Öloppet in 4-5 hours and a ”normal athlete” in 7-8 hours. Öloppet Sprint is estimated to take half the time.

Q. How do you get to and from the competition area?
A. The registration fee includes chartered ferry to the start and return to Saltholmen after the finish. Time for departures will be announced in the Newsletter closer to the competition date. You can also get to and from the competition area on your own with Västtrafiks ferries to and from Saltholmen, see www.vasttrafik.se .

Q. Where is the start and finsh area?
A. The start and finish is at Styrsö Bratten.

Q. When is the start?
A. The first start for Öloppet is planned at 10:00 am and the first start for Öloppet Sprint is planned at around 11:00 am.
Your specific starttime will be given in the last Newsletter.

Q. When will the race be finished?
A. The finish line closes at 19.00 for both Öloppet and Öloppet Sprint.

Q. Is it possible for spectators to follow the athletes along the course?
A. For more information see Spectator information

Q. What is included in the registration fee?
A. The registration fee includes: Swimming cap, breakfast, Energy and food along the course, After Run with dinner after the finish, transportation to and from the mainland by boat from Saltholmen, Event Insurance, Timing and Safety organization.

Q. What happens in bad weather?
A. If the weather is so bad that safety is at stake, the course may be altered and the distances might be shortened. In extreme weather the race may be cancelled.