Öloppet Supersprint map and distance

Öloppet Supersprint is an fast paced challenge with its 7,6 km. Start-and finish takes place at Styrsö Bratten. The race takes place in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg, through the footpaths and island roads. You will be guaranteed a nature experience beyond the ordinary. This race is for very good for beginners!

START     Bratten 12.30
Styrsö 2800    
Swimming  240    
St. Rävholmen 490    
Swimming 170    
Sjumansholmen 370 Energy station Energy station 14.30
Water passage  70    
Swiming  500    
Styrsö 3050    
GOAL     Bratten 19.00
Total distance 7690    
Total swimig 910    
Total running 6780