Competition Regulation

Competition Regulation

By paying the entry fee the contestants approves the Competition Regulations of Öloppet.

  1. Condition
  2. ReRacegistartion
  3. Pre-race registartion
  4. Participation and safety
  5. Equipment
  6. Race track
  7. Protests and penelties
  8. Media


1. Race Condition

a. The competitor must be able to swim and at least 18 years old on race day.

b. The team will consist of two persons regardless of what class you compete in.

c. Start certification should be printed, signed and handed in when register.

d. Participants enters the competition at their own risk.

e. The team will compete by swimming and running along the taped/marked track.

f. To depart from the taped track in order to shorten the distance is not allowed.

g. Taking the help of conveyances or persons outside the competition organization is not permitted.

h. The distance between the two contestants in the team must not exceed 10 meters in order to be able to help each other in case of emergency.

i. All competitors are obliged to intervene in case of emergency and rescue other competitors.

j. Required equipment, part 5. Equipment, shall be carried and worn correctly. All equipment which the team starts with, shall be carried all the way to the finish line. No material may be left behind along the course.

k. Littering is prohibited. Debris are to be thrown in garbage bags that are placed at the fluid and energy stations.

l. Wildlife and nature should be respected along the entire course. The contestants must also respect fellow competitors, race organization, audience and locals in the area. Irresponsible behavior can lead to disqualification.

m. Doping, according to Swedish RF, is in all shapes prohibited.

2. Registration

a. Teams which have not paid the entry fee according to the invoice lose their spot in the start list and will not be able to start.

b. Registration is binding and registration fee will not be refund. Refund insurance could be bought from an external actor, ex.

c. It is permitted to replace the team’s participants the day before the race. Note that the teams on the reserve list have priority when replacing the whole team. Change of team members see FAQ.

d. Personal data collected upon notification are handled in accordance with the GDPR Act. For more info see FAQ.

3. Pre-Race Registration

a. Start kit is handed out at Pre-race registration on site on the race day or the week before at given site according to late Newsletter.

b. One signed Start Certificate per team should be handed in at pre-race registration. Follow link for printing.

c. ID-check will be made during pre-race registration.

4. Participation and Safety

a. Teams that pull out of the race are responsible to immediately report this to the race organization.

b. If a fellow competitor (one of two in the team) pulls out of the race, the other competitor may form a team of three with another complete team. This formation needs to be accepted by all three participants and the change shall be communicated to the race organization as soon as possible. The contestant that pulled out can not continue the race. 

5. Equipment
Mandatory equipment that the team itself is responsible for and must be carried during the competition:

  • 2 wetsuits, shall be worn during the swims and shall cover shoulders / thighs, see picture. The wetsuit must be made of neoprene or similar material and thickness such that it keeps the heat in the water and is carrying on an unconscious person in the water
  • 2 whistles, shall be worn readily accessible for use in emergency
  • 2 first aid kits, shall be worn readily accessible for use in emergency.

Required equipment issued to the teams by the organization before the start and to be carried during the competition:

  • 2 pieces of swim caps must be worn at water passage
  • Number Marking (vest) shall be worn from start to finish clearly visible and must not be tied or fastened up.
  • Equipment for timekeeping.
  • Other acceptable equipment (note that all equipment must be carried from start to finish):
    Floating equipment with maximum dimensions of 50x50x50cm, Goggles, Snorkel, Fins, Hand paddles.

6. Race track

a. The start for each distans will be divided in two with 200 teams in each start. Öloppet start nr 1, nr 2 and Öloppet Sprint start nr 1, nr 2. Each team will be given a specific time to start in the Newsletter which is send out before race day.

b. The race track is marked with ribbons, drapes and buoys and are to be followed. The ribbons are disposed with such a distance that own orienteering should not be necessary. It is however recommended to read up on the race map.

c. Fluid and energy stations are placed along the course.

d. Timing starts when the start signal sounds and ends when the team’s last participant crosses the finish line.

e. Time Limits “last pass” will be along the course in the form of “Cut off time” and at the finish. Location and time limits can be found on the detailed course description for each race.

f. Öloppet AB has the right to cancel or modify the race and its “time limits” during extreme weather conditions or unforeseen events. Details of any changes will be posted before the start. In such case no refunds will be payed.

7. Protests and penalties

A protest shall be submitted by contestants or the race organization. The protest shall be provided to the race jury, in writing, no later than 30 minutes after the finish and contain:

  • Time and position.
  • Involved team’s number.
  • Description of the situation.
  • Witnesses if possible.

The competition jury consists of Race Director and one or more of the race organization. The jury decides on sanctions, outcome of the protest and any course- and regulatory changes. The jury will decide according to common sense and the jury’s decision is final
If the contestant or team breaks the rules, the jury may hand out the following penalties:

  • Time penalty
  • Disqualification

8. Media

a. The race organization has the right to take photos of and film the participants throughout the race day.

b. The race organization has the right to publish photographic and film material freely through the internet, television, radio, newspapers and various forms of marketing of Öloppet.