What is Swimrun?

Even though this is our sixth year running Öloppet, swimrun can be seen as a newcomer in the world of sports. Therefore will we give you some explanations of what the sport is all about.

Öloppet swimrun is a contest where you compete in teams of two, this leads to a higher security level and it is also nice to share the experience with someone. Together with your teammate you run and swim alternately along the entire course. The exchanges between running and swimming are numerous. Öloppet is for both elite and beginners, therefor we have two paths; Öloppet and Öloppet Sprint. Öloppet 40 km and Öloppet Sprint is 22 km.

We often gets the question: "Do I have to be a good swimmer?" We recommend that you are able to swim 1500 m. No requirement that you need to be able to crawl, although it easier during the race.

Wildlife and nature should be respected along the entire course. The contestants must also respect fellow competitors, race organization, audience and locals in the area.​

Read more about the competition in the FAQ and Rules